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I decided to look at ps4-pup_unpack by github user @idc, twitter @3226_2143 account, its function is simple, unpack the (decrypted) pup files. you see pup is actually a container and has more files inside it (some of those files are also containers and have more files inside them).

however, I'm a Linux/OSX user first then rarely a Windows but the tool was written in C-Sharp and was using .Net library both specifically made for Windows devices, thus the decision was made to rewrite it using C++ and keep the code platform-independent, the result, the code now runs on Ubuntu/OSX/Win32 with mere 2 lines of difference.

Github Repo: https://github.com/Zer0xFF/ps4-pup_unpack https://github.com/Thunder07/ps4-pup-unpacker

I've sent a PR to the original creator in effort to upstream the changes, else, you'll always find the code in my repo

Ok I've decided with @idc to push the code to a new repo, link above updated.